Comunal Flexible Offices

We understand that many companies seek to rent private offices, where the environment is capable to connect with their team and reflect their company identity. For this reason, we have created Comunal Flexible Offices, more private, more independent and much more flexible offices.
Find your ideal location
We have offices in the most important points of the city.
Customize your office
According to your needs and reflect it with the identity of your brand.
Have a quick and easy move
Have a quick and easy move

Ideal for companies seeking to maintain their culture and reflect it in the custom-made design of their space.

Comunal Olguín. Av. Manuel Olguín 327, Surco

Our all-inclusive

We take care of all the services for your office in a single monthly invoice. We manage more than 20 thousand m2 of very well equipped offices that gives us great economies of scale that we transfer to our clients.
Reception and Office Manager
Fiber Optic Internet
Find your ideal location
We have 14 branches in Lima and 1 in Mexico City, which are located in the most strategic areas of the city, and we continue to add new branches constantly.